Bayberry Soy Candle

$ 16.00

SKU: 210000042753

All of our soy candles are made in the USA, and contain 100% biodegradable vegetable wax. They are made with pure soybean oil, which is a renewable resource that supports American Farmers. Our wax is FREE from pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified material; it contains no lead, dyes, or added chemicals, which creates candles that burn cleaner. It is kosher certified, sustainable, and is not tested on animals. Every pound is analyzed in a state of the art facility to assure its quality, and isn’t shipped until receiving a Certificate of Analysis.

Aroma time is approximately 15-25 hours, snap packs measure 4-1/8" by 2-3/4" and have six cavities that measure 1"x1"x1"