Lock With Buds by Trollbeads

$ 59.00

SKU: 210000040501

Trollbeads is the original bead company, founded in 1976.

Trollbeads silver locks are made of solid .925 sterling silver.

With an innovative two-side design, the large side of the Trollbeads clasp secures your Troll bracelet around your wrist, while the small side secures the end of your bracelet to keep your beads and charms in place.

  • The original bead company
  • Handmade
  • Sterling silver
  • Nickel free

To clean your Trollbeads use liquid soap and a soft toothbrush or polish them with a soft polishing cloth. This won't remove scratches but it will remove everyday dirt. Do not use chemicals.

Metal beads and locks will oxidize (begin to look black) after contact with oxygen and water, but you can simply polish them back to life with a soft cloth.