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Delfware Large Necklace

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This jewelry is a beautiful balance of contradictions in which fashion meets fine art, poetic patterns meet brilliant colors, and organic shapes meet laser cut stainless steel. Each piece is created using an innovative process in which original patterns are printed onto art paper, sealed inside an acrylic resin, mounted on laser cut stainless steel, and accented with crystals and glass beads. The jewelry is designed in Israel and then each piece is handcrafted by a small group of artists in Brooklyn, New York.

This jewelry is made in the USA. The metal used is laser cut stainless steel. All earring wires and posts are stainless steel. Other materials include acrylic resin, artists��� enamel, paper, seed beads, Swarovski crystal. Earrings are 1.25-2.5" in length. Necklaces are 12-19.5" in length. Bracelets are approximately 7" in length.