Letter Sterling Silver Trollbeads

$ 31.00

SKU: 210000038965

Each Trollbeads letter bead features a stylized letter which is surrounded by hearts. Customize your Trollbeads bracelet with your own initials, the initials of your children or a loved one, or spell out an entire word that is meaningful to you!

Trollbeads is the original bead company, founded in 1976.

  • The original bead company
  • Handmade
  • Nickel free
  • Sterling silver

Over time, silver Trollbeads will develop a slight tarnish which adds wonderful depth to the recessed parts of the charm. The silver charms are very rich in symbolism and meaning. By stringing together a group of silver charms on your Troll bracelet, you will be able to tell a very specific, personal and meaningful story!