Photographer Beamie Young Finds Beauty in Unexpected Places

Posted by Linda Atiyeh - July 15, 2015

Gallery 30’s newest artist is award-winning photographer Beamie Young. Beamie fell in love with photography the moment that she first picked up a camera, and she has now been creating fine art photographs for more than 30 years. Beamie lives in Dickerson, Maryland and works full-time as a graphic designer--a career that she says has helped to develop her ability to compose dynamic photographs.


Beamie Young focuses on “capturing unique colors, patterns, reflections and light” in her landscapes, portraits and documentary photographs. She enjoys the challenges posed by new technological developments in photography, and digital techniques now play a dominant role in her work. Beamie shoots raw images with a Nikon D600 camera using polarizing and neutral density filters; she then edits the images using Lightroom and finishes the process with Photoshop. Many of Beamie’s images are High Dynamic Range images in which multiple exposures are compressed into one image, resulting in much more detail in the highlights and shadows.


The person who has most heavily influenced Beamie Young’s photography is her long-time mentor Mark Helfer. Mark is a US Navy-trained photographer who Beamie credits with teaching her “everything [she] knows about composition and film photography.” Beamie’s work has also been influenced by master photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Arnold Newman, Yousuf Karsh and Clyde Butcher.

Rather than working out of a studio, Beamie’s favorite places to shoot are inside old abandoned buildings. She seeks out factories that have been closed for 20 years or more, and she often discovers that these abandoned buildings have remained just the way that they were when they shut their doors; old calendars are still hanging on the wall, people’s jackets and shoes are still there, a salt shaker is even left on a lunch table. Beamie never knows what treasures she might find, but there is always something unexpected to capture her imagination. Beamie finds beauty in textures that others might overlook, “from peeling paint and old rippled glass to cracked cement walls.”


Beamie Young has taken part in several juried exhibitions including The Frederick Camera Clique 29th Annual Juried Summer Show in Frederick, Maryland and Maryland Federation of Art’s Show at Circle Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland. Beamie’s work was awarded Grand Champion in Ward Museum’s 2012 Art in Nature Photo Competition, First Place in B&W Frederick 28th Annual Regional Juried Summer Exhibition and Honorable Mention in FotoWeekDC 2014 Photography Competition, in addition to numerous other local and regional awards. Beamie is also a board member and the newsletter editor for the “Frederick Camera Clique” photography club in Frederick, Maryland.


Linda Atyeh: About the Author

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